The FREE Powerlifting Program You MUST Try!

Are you new to powerlifting and overwhelmed with the plethora of programs that are available to you? Or maybe you are an experienced lifter who is looking to change things up a bit. Either way there are hundreds of different “lifting programs”, both free and paid, and it can be quite difficult to choose which one suits you best.

Out of all of the free programs that I have used, one stands head and shoulders above the rest: Candito Training HQ’s 6 week strength program. I ran this program twice leading up to my second ever powerlifting meet and I saw really good gains in all three of my lifts.

The main reason that I chose this program was because I needed to get peaked for the meet and all of my google searches pretty much listed this one as a must run program, it had plenty of glowing reviews on sites such as Reddit and and was pretty much the consensus choice for a “quick” peaking and strength building program.

The first few weeks of the program are a, as Candito puts it, “Muscular Conditioning”. You are working with a little lighter load but higher reps which slowly transitions to a focus on building strength, with plenty of near maximal work and very low reps, with the option to max out at week 6 or start over with a new cycle of the program after week 5 and use week 6 as a deload or rest week.

Week 5 of Candito’s 6 week program

I found that the earlier weeks of the program were actually quite enjoyable, despite being more focused on hypertrophy and building work capacity, something which I, like many other powerlifters, despise doing. The strength building portion of the program was my favorite part by far, I have a lot more fun doing near maximal loads for a 1-3 reps; something that you will be doing often in the later weeks of this program.

Another part of the program that I particularly enjoyed was the variety of assistance work you could choose from. For your horizontal pull movement you are given three options: dumbbell row, barbell row, or machine row. For your vertical pull you are given the choice between pull-ups/chin-ups or lat pulldowns and for shoulder work you are given 4 different choices: standing or seated dumbbell OHP, military press, or lateral dumbbell raises. On top of these you are also given the choice to do two more optional exercises per day, with given set and rep schemes should you choose to do them.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a fun, challenging powerlifting program to run that will get you results, you definitely have to try Candito Training HQ’s 6 week strength program!

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