Why YOU should be using SMELLING SALTS!

Smelling salts, ammonia inhalants, or whatever other name you may have heard, are a very popular performance aid in not only strength sports, but in ALL sports. Why are these so popular you may wonder? I touched on this briefly in my other article The Powerlifting Equipment You MUST Have but I will be elaborating further about it in this article. The reason smelling salts are so popular is because they allow you to “hack” your body into performing better than you normally would be able to.

What are smelling salts?

Smelling salts, or ammonia inhalants are a combination of different compounds, the key one being either ammonium chloride or ammonium carbonate. These ingredients are then put either in a capsule or in a bottle, where a reaction occurs that releases ammonia over time, and when you break the capsule or open the bottle, the gas is released

How do Smelling Salts “Hack” the body?

Smelling salts work by releasing ammonia, a colorless gas which is then inhaled by the athlete through the nose. Once this gas hits the nose, the strong scent excites your sympathetic nervous system and kicks you into a fight of flight response, increasing arousal, gross motor skills, heart rate, and breathing, basically telling your body that “hey, we need to be ready to fight whatever is coming”, allowing you to lift more weight.

Are smelling salts dangerous?

Now that you have heard all these great things about smelling salts, you are probably thinking there is no way these things don’t have some dangerous side effect, a belief that you share with many people. In actuality, contrary to popular belief, studies show that there are no long term health effects associated with using smelling salts, and short term side effects are very mild, such as watery eyes and a mild stinging sensation in the nose.

Where Can I get Smelling Salts?

If you have read this article and are now wondering “Where can I get my hands on these magical salts?”. Look no further than our own No Bull$hit Smelling Salts that can be purchased HERE

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