About Me

Me and my coach William Valle at USAPL Raw Nationals 2019

Who am I?

In short: 20-something year old powerlifter, former division 3 football player, college dropout

Much like many of you reading this, I would describe myself as a pretty ordinary person who found solace and enjoyment in lifting weights and it has now become a significant part of my life.

I started working out in middle school because I was the fat out of shape kid who was picked last for every sport in gym class and I wanted to change that. I fell in love with working out and decided to play football in high school, was absolutely terrible my freshman year but stuck with it and ended up being pretty good my sophomore year, becoming a two way started my junior year, but then tore my ACL right before my senior season. I ended up playing a year of division 3 football at a small private liberal arts college but decided I enjoyed powerlifting a lot more and now here we are.

If you would like to read my full story, it is over in this article.

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