No Bull$hit Smelling Salts

No Bull$hit.

Our No Bull$hit Smelling Salts are exactly what they say they are; no Bull$hit. Our smelling salts have no over the top scents like some of the other smelling salts out there. Our smelling salts also aren’t egregiously expensive unlike others ($15-20 per bottle plus shipping? really?) AND our shipping is affordable ($4 per order, that means when you BUY more you SAVE on shipping).

Not only are our NO BULL$HIT Smelling Salts cheap, they’re pretty damn strong too, and even the most veteran users of smelling salts will reel when they take a whiff.

If you have stumbled upon this page and somehow don’t already know what smelling salts are, or maybe you just need a refresher, you can go read up on my quick article “Why you NEED to be using smelling salts” I wrote about them, and then once you are done over there you can order yourself a bottle of No Bull$hit Smelling Salts.

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