Why YOU should be using SMELLING SALTS!

Smelling salts, ammonia inhalants, or whatever other name you may have heard, are a very popular performance aid in not only strength sports, but in ALL sports. Why are these so popular you may wonder? I touched on this briefly in my other article The Powerlifting Equipment You MUST Have but I will be elaboratingContinue reading “Why YOU should be using SMELLING SALTS!”

How to Rebound From Injuries in Powerlifting

Lets face it, many of you reading this either have gotten hurt while training or will get hurt in the future, that is just a given with this sport. In fact, the reason you probably stumbled across this article was because you were grinding for that extra rep on bench or an extra 10lbs onContinue reading “How to Rebound From Injuries in Powerlifting”

The FREE Powerlifting Program You MUST Try!

Are you new to powerlifting and overwhelmed with the plethora of programs that are available to you? Or maybe you are an experienced lifter who is looking to change things up a bit. Either way there are hundreds of different “lifting programs”, both free and paid, and it can be quite difficult to choose whichContinue reading “The FREE Powerlifting Program You MUST Try!”

The Powerlifting Equipment You MUST Have.

Powerlifting is a unique sport in many ways, one of those ways being the wide variety of equipment that you can use in training and competition. Hell, if you are really strapped for cash, the only things you need to be able to compete in a sanctioned powerlifting meet are a singlet, a pair ofContinue reading “The Powerlifting Equipment You MUST Have.”

Why I Chose to Start a Blog.

A question that some of you who may know me personally will probably have is: Kody, what made you start a blog? The answer to that question is multifaceted, the thing that actually made me go out and start a blog was one of my friends, Tommy over at Vekhayn.com had asked me to helpContinue reading “Why I Chose to Start a Blog.”

My Story So Far.

I am dedicating a whole article to me because I am a huge narcissist and have a massive ego. Just kidding, I am writing this article about me because I did not want to have my whole life story on the About Me page. I thought that I would keep that page as a niceContinue reading “My Story So Far.”